Tolerence & Acceptance Go Both Ways

In March this year, the Bible Society produced a video featuring two Federal MPs, Andrew Hastie and openly gay Tim Wilson. The two politely presented opposing views on same sex marriage over a few bottles of Coopers Beer. At one point, each even acknowledged the merits in the other’s viewpoint. This prompted a boycott of Coopers Beer in some pubs and venues, for its so-called intolerence towards LGBTI people.

Fast forward to the present, Margaret Court, tennis legend and Christian pastor, who supports the current definition of marriage as being between a man and a woman under Australian law, decided to boycott Qantas for the latter’s active support and canvassing for same sex marriage. She was brutally chastised.

Somehow, it is right to boycott Coppers Beer for just being consumed during a Bible Society dialogue on same sex marriage; but wrong to boycott Qantas for actively supporting same sex marriage. For those who (rightly) preach tolerance acceptance of the LGBTI community, I say, tolerance and acceptance should go both ways.



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