About pedophile and millstone

The current raging debate in Australia about pedophilia in the Catholic Church has seen some of the most uninformed comments made. I have heard at least two comments in the mass media quoting Jesus saying that pedophiles should have a millstone tied round their and neck and be sunk to the depth of the sea. While pedophilia is a hideous sin that Jesus would condemn in no uncertain terms, the “millstone round the neck” reference is actually a misquote.

The Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke each has a passage on “millstone round the neck”, and each of these refers to obstacles to one becoming a believers, not pedophilia. In Mark 9:38-42, “little ones” refers not to children but believers who are not explicit disciples of Jesus. In this passage, Jesus used the “millstone round the neck” analogy to discourage his disciples from hindering these non-disciple-believers from performing miracle in His name. In Luke 17:1-2, “little ones” refers to the human race in general. In this passage, the “millstone round the neck” analogy is used by Jesus to urge us not to present stumbling block to others becoming believers. Only in Matthew 18:1-6 does “little ones” refers to children. In this passage, Jesus used the “millstone round the neck” analogy to urge his disciples not to hinder anyone approaching the faith with child-like innocence and purity – and by the way, interpreted widely, this does not confine just to children.

So, just because you read it in the media does not mean that it is objective, or even true at all. Pedophilia is a social ill we must all try our utmost to eradicate. Putting forward ill-informed comments provide only hype, not solutions.

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  1. Pedophilia tends to get hyped up by media sensationlism, rather than genuine indepth analysis of how pedophiles can be supported and helped. The media is only interested in beating the public into a frenzy and encouraging them to call for blood. Years ago the answer was to warn kids of Mr so and so, and “if” anything happened a big issue was NOT made of it, and the kids soon forgot about it. These days everything is blown out of all proportion, and the kids are more traumatised by their parents making a big issue of it and getting the police involved and going to court, than the actual pedophile event itself. When I was a kid people said “Least said, soonest mended”, which use to be the maxim. One cannot choose to not be a pedophile, like sexual orientation, or a myriad of different fetishes, the brain is wired that way. None of this is something anyone really choose, no one can help how they are sexualy aroused and feel about these things, the same goes for pedophiles, therefore sending sex offenders to jail will do nothing to help the sex offender, what they need is support and understanding, which is what I aim to do at Range Court in Mullaloo with my support group called Second Chance. I would be happy to help anyone set up a simmilar support group in your area, feel free to message me @ either of my facebook pages http://www.facebook.com/graham.woodruffe or http://www.facebook.com/graham.woodruffe.71 Remember: Condemn no one. If you can stretch out a helping hand, do so. If you cannot, fold your hands, bless your brothers, and let them go their own way.

  2. Here are my thoughts.

    a) I certainly agree that we need to read what we see in the public media with a spoonful of salt as there are many in the world who whould like to crucify The Church as foretold by our Lord Himself. However, they do raise valid points for us to reflect.

    b) Before we talk about the sins, it may be a good for us to look at the big picture first at 30,000 feet. The Church is more than the members inside the Church. Not even the Pope and all the bishops/priests in the world form the Church. The Church is so much more than that.

    c) The Church is filled with sinners, both big and small, as our Lord came to call all sinners. Even our Lord Himself was surrounded by traitors, betrayers and unrepentant sinners so we can expect the same today otherwise it will be time for our Lord to come again. This does not mean The Church is imperfect. Yes, we, the members are imperfect. Every country has rapist, pedophiles, murderers, etc but this does not mean the laws of the countries are at fault. In fact it was these good laws that kept the situation from being worse that it is.

    d) Does it mean we take an indifferent attitude, steer clear of the mud like a Phasisee in case we get defiled? If the love of Jesus is in our heart, such news should pierce our heart. I think the least we should do is to pray for both the victims as well as the culprits if they are proven to be guilty. As for the leaders that handled the situations, we must recognize the complexities involved in trying to dertermine the truth and in discerning the state of the souls. Recent cases in the USA accusing Pope Benedict’s handling of cases when he was a Cardinal in charge of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith showed clearly how the media reported truths taken out of context and half truths to influence public opinions. The Record had an a few excellent articles written. Likewise, it will be prudent to wait for more accurate information to come out in due time and control our own knee jerk reaction as well. For example, I was surprise to read Cardinal Pell’s advised against hearing confession of pedophile priests. This does not seem to be consistent with his wealth of pastoral experience and expert knowledge in The Chruch’s teachings and laws.

    e) Pray and believe that something good will come out of this as nothing happens in the Church without God having a greater good in mind. Every age has their martyrs to be the seed of faith for future generations. In our generation, the martyrs are perhaps the unborn children and innocent children victims of the sin of the flesh. Let us add our tears to their blood and offer them up at each mass along with the Bread and Wine so that Christ’s blood may convert all of us.