Double Standards

The Equal Opportunity Amendment (Religious Exceptions) Bill 2016 currently before the Daniel Andrews’ Labor Government in Victoria seeks to restrict religious bodies, charities, schools and educational institutions from employing staff according to their faith and ethos. If passed, Christian schools and churches would be forced to hire people who are fundamentally opposed to what they believe in and stand for. Meanwhile in South Australia, Cassandra Liebeknecht, the general manager of gay pride festival Adelaide’s Feast Festival has allegedly been suspended from her position, ‘spat on’ and bullied online because she is straight.

It is a disturbing trend in the current LGBTI debate that LGBTI activists and their sympathisers have discarded senses and reasons in favour of political advantages. Logic and sensible reasoning are being twisted and compromised to suit the particular agendas in particular situations. The double standards you see is by itself not the problem, but a symptom of a deeper and more serious problem. This is probably the real reason behind the vehement opposition to a Same Sex Marriage Plebiscite by the LGBTI activists and their sympathisers. For in the lead-up national debate funded by taxpayers, such abandonment of sense and reason would not be tolerated.


One Response to Double Standards


    A ferocious campaign against Christian groups planning to meet on same-sex marriage has forced them to cancel the event at a major hotel next week, amid claims of physical threats from marriage-equality advocates. … About 100 people were expected to attend from the Sydney Anglicans, Sydney Catholics, the Marriage ­Alliance and the Australian Christian Lobby. Gay news website Same­ alerted readers to the event. Activist Pauline Pantsdown [whose real identity is university media lecturer Simon Hunt] urged followers to stop the “dangerous, predatory” ACL. … A joint statement from the conveners said the hotel staff received “threats of violence” after the details of the private event were published on the ­internet. “We have chosen to reconsider our arrangements for the event next week due to our concern for the safety of the hotel staff, and our commitment to a reasonable and respectful debate,” ACL managing director Lyle Shelton said. … Who exactly is doing the worst of this “hate speech”? There’s not just Shorten, denouncing the alleged hate speech of opponents while in the same breath accusing them of persecuting gays to their deaths. There’s also Greens MP Adam Bandt, who this week warned Christian groups would “spread their hate-speech through a plebiscite”, yet then smeared “bigots like Lyle Shelton from the Australian Christian Lobby”. … Once we get same-sex marriage will these punishers stop there? … Will priests be allowed to refuse to marry gay couples? Will bakers be punished if they refuse to bake the wedding cake? Will defence of traditional marriage be made a crime?